Introducing: Customer Sentiment and Trend Monitoring Tool

Contributing to improved product and policy innovations and  Strengthen Consumer Feedback Mechanisms.

Beyond the transaction volume and value at macro level, nuanced understanding is needed to understand what's working and what requires improvement on real-time basis and in a cost efficient manner to champion product and policy innovation. The effort to strengthen Consumer Feedback Mechanism,  we need to:


Understanding digital finance eco-system in India.

Study to understand consumer preferences through 35 digital applications around the country were considered to analyze existing challenges faced by customers, possible solutions towards boosting digital technologies and associated risks that come with it. The intensive research involved analyzing customer feedback, social media discussions, and customer reviews to identify trending topics and sentiment, assist FinTech companies in understanding customer needs and concerns. Also detecting patterns of fraudulent activity in financial transactions by identifying unusual topics or anomalies in transaction data. Additionally, comparing and contrasting features and services offered by different UPI apps, loan apps, and debit/credit cards to help consumers make informed decisions. Lastly, identifying areas for improvement and innovation in UPI apps, loan apps, and debit/credit card services based on customer feedback and preferences.

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