Voice of Customer - Data Hub

Examining the barriers to achieving financial stability, delivering data and analysis on wealth inequality, and offers insights on strategies to help household become more economically resilient.

By amalgamating both public and proprietary datasets alongside valuable insights from individuals, the Voice of Customer – Data Hub provides evidence-based solutions rooted in a holistic understanding of households' financial situations. Armed with this knowledge, contemporary change-makers, spanning from community advocates to corporate leaders, will possess enhanced capabilities to address disparities and promote the overall financial and economic well-being of diverse populations.

At Assist , we firmly believe the solution to achieve universal economic well being lies within the realm of data and insights on how individuals manage payments, handle spending, save for emergencies, manage debt, build future wealth, and engage with financial and digital technologies. The existence of data, mostly in fragmented form, poses a challenge for decision-makers. It prevents them from obtaining a comprehensive view of people's financial lives and leading to disjointed solutions that, in some cases, worsen financial inequities.

Through the thoughtful consideration of both public and proprietary datasets, coupled with insights derived from individuals' experiences, Access Assist delivers evidence-based solutions firmly anchored in a complete portrait of households' financial lives.

This understanding is further enhanced through the deployment of proprietary machine algorithms and the integration of data using large language model (LLM) technology. Armed with this enriched information, today's change agents—from community advocates to corporate leaders—gain the tools needed to effectively narrow inequities and propel economic well-being for all individuals.


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