Inclusive Finance Summit (2012-2021)

The Inclusive Finance India Initiative, is a global platform which is an intellectual nerve, centre for knowledge, tracking progress, experience sharing, celebration, introspection, critique and advocacy for the goal of advancing financial inclusion.

The Poorest States Inclusive Growth (PSIG) partnership programme (2012-2016)

ACCESS ASSIST was a key national level consortium partner of SIDBI under its PSIG programme. The PSIG programme was funded by UKAid through the Department for International Development (DFID), was initiated to ensure that poor and vulnerable people in low income states benefited from economic growth through better access to financial services. The programme leveraged private sector financial and technical resources to reach up to 12 million direct and indirect programme participants in 4 states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Odisha.

Techno-managerial support for Citi India Innovation Grant Programme (2016-2016)

ASSIST partnered with CitiBank’s India Innovation Grant Programme to recognise the power of innovation in the micro enterprise sector where inclusion and sustainability were key components.

Technical Assistance to Channel Partners of GIZ under the Umbrella Programme on Natural Resource Management (UPNRM) (2015-2018)

ASSIST provided technical assistance to GIZ partners working to strengthen natural resource management and focused on building financial management capabilities.

Jeevika – Enterprise promotion & Financial Capability Building (2015-2017)

Strengthening women enterprise development to impact women economic empowerment associated with government schemes and promote financial literacy.

Developing a Standard Grading Tool for SHG Promoting Institutions (2016-17)

Developed SHPI assessment tool to help high potential SHGs graduate to enterprise level.

Secretariat for Microfinance Lenders’ Forum (2015-19)

Convening on behalf of SIDBI to engage with key industry networks to drive transparency and support required to the MFI sector in post-demonetization phase.

Setting up Financial Inclusion Hub for Odisha Livelihoods Mission (2017-2018)

Technical Assistance to Odisha Livelihood Mission through setting-up of Financial Inclusion Hubs and strengthen Gram Panchayats Level Federations.

Financial Literacy for Odisha Livelihoods Mission (2016-2017)

Building financial awareness of SHG members and facilitate training of master trainers in the community. 

Development of Model Enterprise Profiles (2016-2017)

Building financial awareness of SHG members and facilitate training of master trainers in the community. 

Superwoman BuddhiMoney – The Financial & Business Counsellor (2016-2017)

Financial literacy tool to drive women entrepreneurship and help achieve women economic empowerment. 

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