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Did you know the percentage of self-employed women from rural areas jumped from 13.6% to 24.2% between 2017 and 2022? Quite remarkable right!

"Transforming Lives: Empowering 1 Million Women by 2028 with Mission Digital Women."

Employability Gap:

ILO reports a 50.9% gender gap in employability in India .

23.8% of female aged 15 years & above in Urban areas are participating in labour force, as against 74.7% male

36.6% of female aged 15 years & above in Rural areas are participating in labour force, as against 78.2% male

Declining Female Workforce Participation:
Entrepreneurship Potential:

Declining Female Workforce Participation:

Despite 52% of women expressing a desire to work, female labor participation dropped from 32% in 2005 to 19% in 2021.

Rural unemployment rose to 9.2%, urban areas witnessed a reversal at 7.5%.

Entrepreneurship Potential:

Women's entrepreneurship could add $0.7 trillion to India's GDP by 2025.

Women-led businesses can create employment opportunities, fostering economic growth.

Digital driven by online and social commerce can empower women in India towards building new income pathways and opportunities contributing to improving financial and economic well-being goals.

Transforming Lives
Empowering Futures.

Mission Digital Women is an initiative of ASSIST with its network partners across India aimed to enhance the financial and economic well-being for 1 million women and women enterprises over the next four years in India starting with metro and tier 1 cities.

In the dynamic era of digitization, vocational training emerges as a key catalyst for enhancing labor market prospects. MDW program with the network partners in Urban India is prioritizing individualized learning for each participating individual leveraged by technology, equipping women with occupation-specific knowledge and skills essential for actively engaging in digital commerce economy.

Vocational Training

Individualized learning

AI driven

Behaviour & Nudges

Recognizing the pivotal role of vocational training, particularly in business, finance, and digital skills, we depart from generic approaches that focuses on generic content without addressing the diverse needs, aspirations, and life stages of individuals. Instead, MDW team is working with our tech partner to adopt an AI driven supportive model, building personalized engagement backed by data, behavior and nudges, self-adapting to the individual interactions within different phygital touch points, with aim to drive action.

Success is measured not by how many women are trained, but with improved income, level of entrepreneurship, financial and economic well-being matrix.


Our network partners form the foundation of our initiatives, ensuring accessibility and tailoring programs to the specific needs of diverse communities. Our focus is to equip these women communities/members with the knowledge and tools needed to overcome the barriers of participating in online and social commerce, fostering economic independence and societal recognition.

The Approach

Mission Digital Women leverages cutting-edge technology provided by our tech partner that forms the basis of this massividualized learnaforce platform

  1. At first stage Generative AI, machine learning, and data play pivotal roles in creating adaptive and portable content.
    This content creation process is further complemented by a social-community of creators who come together to build stories and content that can identify with end-user individuals problems and goals.
  2. At second stage, the content is white-labeled for each network partner, ensuring relevance and cultural sensitivity.
  3. At third stage, we engage with our end-user individual through gamified multi touch-points that are both delivered digitally and physically.
    Each interaction aimed to enhance the learning experience that rides on Large Language Models (LLM) and self-adapting machine learning algorithms, driving content and nudges in local languages for a personalized experience.
  4. At fourth stage, the action is created by actualizing the product and service experience for the individual through a geo-referenced marketplace.

The touch-points are multifaceted, employing various channels. This includes a proactive personalized trainer-bot capable of text and voice interactions through platforms like WhatsApp, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and a dedicated app. Additionally, there are in-person training sessions that utilize tools like virtual reality for interactive learning. Both in-person and online peer-learning groups are established. The overarching goal is to equip participants with actionable skills, fostering a supportive community. This community is intended to instill confidence and a sense of unity among women, providing them with the support needed to thrive in their businesses.

Empowering Communities.

Transforming Lives

Mission Digital Women invites you to be a part of this transformative journey whether you are NGOs, SHGs, FPOs, and other community organizations. By investing in women's business, financial, and digital literacy, we collectively contribute to the economic growth of India. Join us in empowering women, transforming lives, and building a more inclusive and prosperous future.

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