Empowering Uttar Pradesh's Agriculture: Leveraging Digital Solutions for Economic Growth and Farmer Prosperity

With a staggering population of 232 million, Uttar Pradesh stands as the most populous administrative region globally, surpassing even the populous nation of Brazil. The agriculture sector plays a pivotal role in the state's economy, contributing 25% to its GDP. Realizing the immense potential, there's a concerted effort to boost agriculture and horticulture exports, aligning with the state's ambitious goal of doubling exports and uplifting farmer incomes.

Under the Agriculture Export Policy of 2019, a comprehensive strategy had been outlined, emphasizing the development of robust infrastructure, establishment of export promotion centers, and the fostering of private sector investments to build modern value chains. Encouragement of good agricultural practices and the nurturing of start-ups further underscore the state's commitment to agricultural growth.

Crucially, private sector investments in cutting-edge, digitally-enabled infrastructure, facilitated through public-private partnerships, promise to revolutionize value chains. By leveraging technologies such as traceability, IoT-enabled precision farming, and AI-powered solutions, the state aims to enhance efficiency while ensuring adherence to stringent sanitary and phytosanitary standards. These innovations promise to democratize access for smallholder farmers/collectives, bolster agricultural productivity. It also fosters inclusivity, empowering farmers across Uttar Pradesh to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

60.2 MTon

Annual food grain production

USD 50.5 Bn

Annual food grain production



The Uttar Pradesh Department of Horticulture and Food Processing (DoHFP), operating under the purview of the Agriculture Production Commissioner’s Office, has established a collaborative platform called Digital Agriculture and Export Promotion (DAEP) is aimed at advancing digital agriculture – adoption and infrastructure, throughout the state. DAEP's overarching goal is to stimulate private sector investments in digital agriculture services and infrastructure, ultimately enhancing the efficiency, productivity, and quality of horticulture production within the region.

CIn line with its objectives, DAEP has instituted a council comprising senior leaders from both the private and public sectors to provide strategic guidance and counsel. This council serves as an advisory body, lending its expertise to steer the course of digital agriculture initiatives within Uttar Pradesh. DAEP benefits from the support and collaboration of the World Economic Forum, serving as its knowledge partner for the council.

To ensure effective implementation and management of its programs, DAEP operates with a dedicated secretariat and program management unit facilitated by Access Assist, an action-oriented organization committed to fostering sustainable community development. Access Assist has deployed a team of agriculture, digital, and data specialists stationed at the Department of Horticulture and Food Processing in Lucknow, as well as agronomists and field experts in various pilot regions across the state.

Access Assist and WEF together enables DAEP to leverage global insights and expertise in shaping its agenda and spearheading transformative initiatives within the agricultural sector.

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