About Us

Addressing Global Issues

In January 2024, after tremendous research and logically strategising the plans for further reach, ASSIST underwent a tactical re-boot to address some of the global issues on inclusive growth and sustainable development.

Leap Into The Future

Access Assist in its new configuration intends to carry forward the ethos of creating fresh discourse in the social sector, build projects which have authentic data as their bedrock and infuse a new start-up DNA into the not-for-profit space. The past is well merged into our present and aids us into taking a leap into The Future.

Assisting our partners

Our 'Skin in the game' philosophy helps us hold full accountability and honesty while we deeply invest in the success of each project. This commitment translates into meaningful and worthwhile results. For the donor and funding ecosystem, this approach ensures that their investments are in safe hands, being utilised effectively, and would yield tangible benefits with sustainable growth in the communities they are aiming for.

Action Oriented Model

Being an action-oriented model, we discover dynamic and adaptive outcomes for our partners looking for multilateral organizations and NGOs. We understand the complexities of on-ground implementation and bring a rich interplay of local insights coupled with global best practices. This blend is vital in navigating the nuanced challenges faced by diverse communities.

Creating a sustainable future where every community thrives economically.


To drive transformative change through innovative strategies, and foster economic well being in communities worldwide.


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